Below are a brief outline of Christchurch Refrigeration & Electrical.
A full list of Terms and Conditions are available on request.

The use of this website and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of New Zealand.

Christchurch Refrigeration & Electrical reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Product range and availability

All efforts will be made to fulfil any order placed with Christchurch Refrigeration & Electrical, however, we accept no responsibility should we be unable to supply goods ordered for any reason.

Sales & Payment

If you are interested in purchasing or viewing a product, please contact us through our enquiry form or by telephone. The sale of a product will be arranged after liaison with the customer.

Freight Costs and Delivery Charges

Where applicable, the cost of freight will be added onto the sale when order is made.

Goods will not be shipped to a customer until payment has been received in full. Confirmation times will vary depending on the method of payment used.

Variation/Cancellation of order

The customer may vary or cancel the order after consultation with Christchurch Refrigeration & Electrical.

Returns of products/refunds

Customers have a right to return any goods which are faulty in nature. The following conditions apply to any return of goods.

Delivery Costs for Returns

Any delivery costs to do with the exchange of goods must be taken care of by the customer, including return delivery to the customer.

If a return is due to a shipping mistake, fault or product damage, then the costs will be incurred by Christchurch Refrigeration & Electrical. Any costs paid for by the customer in this case will be refunded upon receipt of a suitable invoice/receipt showing delivery costs.


Many of our products come with their own warranties. Manufacturer’s instructions must be followed to activate these.

Instructions for the use of goods must be followed, and the goods must not be used for any other purpose other than which they were intended. The customer is responsible for the necessary skill and care in the handling of the product.

Personal Information

Through normal business, Christchurch Refrigeration & Electrical may collect customer information including contact and delivery details.

This information will remain confidential and will be held securely, and will not be disclosed to any third party without written consent of the owner, except in cases where the information is necessary to carry out the transaction entered into by the customer.

Customer Consent

Customers who do not wish to have any personal information collected and used for any other purpose other than that required to complete the transaction will need to express this in writing at the time of purchase.

Access to Personal Information

Personal information relating to the customer is available under the Privacy Act 1993, and the customer may request changes to the information held.